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Bird - The RF Experts
The Most Reliable RF Specialists

Whether for commercial applications, military maintenance, or electronic military instrumentation, Bird has a built-in, single-minded devotion to reliability. Bird has become known as the world's most reliable RF specialists for all markets and segments — because to you, yours is the only market or segment that matters.

Bird provides an array of product solutions as the RF specialists across multiple market segments. Select a link below to view detailed information on each market segment.

The Leading Mission-Critical RF Infrastructure and Testing Solutions

Solutions to help protect the safety of the general public from injury and danger by providing communication systems used by emergency first responders (i.e. police, fire and medical services)

Wireless, Cellular and Telecom

Solutions to assist voice, data and cell-based transmission via radio waves between connected users over vast distances. Bird RF power measurement and management equipment is used with virtually all modulation schemes.

Broadcast Radio Transmitter Industry

Solutions to assist the generation of audio and video content, transport it, customize it and transmit it over the air. Bird Technologies was ready for the digital transition with a wide range of new sensors, monitors, and loads designed specifically for digital broadcasting.


Bird Technologies provides solutions to help prevent waste during the photographic and chemical process of fabricating integrated circuits performed in highly specialized facilities.

Military and Government

Bird Technologies has a long history of providing uniquely designed solutions to the United States Military and its allies in areas such as ground support, air/sea communications and command control.


Solutions designed to handle very high specific peak power pulses and precision RF power measurement. Bird products play a role in the research and development and field calibration of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Amateur Radio

Bird Technologies has a long history of manufacturing amateur radio products for licensed ham radio operators.