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Graphical RF Signal Editor

RF Editor is a drag-and drop graphical editing tool that lets you easily modify I&Q signals of any length or create entirely new ones. It's an invaluable tool for modifying and building signal waveforms in the time and frequency domains and is integrated with Bird's Spectro-X signal analysis software.

RF Editor's utility spans defense applications such as creating simulated signal threat scenarios, to laboratory, production and field testing of communications, EW, and radar systems using custom stimulus signals.

Graphical RF Signal Editor
product specifications:
Item No
Input and output file formats
Bandpass: Ripple less than 0.001 dB
Bandstop: Rejection greater than 80 dB
Filter parameters and characteristics
Filter type, start frequency (Hz), stop frequency (Hz)

Waveform Editing
Interpolation/Decimation:  User specified span change; integer ratio required between initial and final spans
Frequency Shifting:  Replication and offset from original frequency by user specified amount (1Hz resolution)
Signal Duration: Length and duration of sample file; single sample time resolution
Signal Level Adjustment:  Scalar multiplier on I&Q magnitudes. If resulting magnitude > 32,767, all sample files are scaled by a fixed amount to maintain relative levels.
Multiplier is then applied to selected file
Time Tracks: Up to 10  
Magnitude ramping
Straight line slope over user-specified number of samples or user-created functions stored in file (single precision, float). Apply to spectrum segment beginning and end or in between repeated segments.
Computer Requirements
Windows 7 (32 bit minimum, 64-bit recommended), 10 Mbytes free space on OS drive, USB 3.0 or eSATA, mouse or trackball, 1 GByte RAM (required, 2 GBytes or more recommended)
compatible devices: