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89-83C-01-32, 792-824 MHz, Preselector

89-83C-01-32, 792-824 MHz, Preselector
Bird has designed application-specific multi-cavity filter products for use in limiting the bandwidth in front of a multiple-receiver system (Preselector) or after a multiple-transmitter system (Post Selector). Size and complexity range from a model built from three helically-loaded 1.3-inch rectangular resonators for relatively low-selectivity receive-only applications, where 2 dB of loss can be tolerated, to four 6.625-inch cavities that can handle 400 watts with high selectivity and loss of 1 dB or less.

3-13953, 24" RG142B/u N(M) to N(M) Cable needed to install 89-83C-01-32 to Antenna port of Multicoupler.

89-83C-01-32, 792-824 MHz, Preselector
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
792-824 MHz, Preselector
RF Power
Rx Only
Number of Cavities-Resonators
Pass Bandwidth
32 MHz
Frequency Range
792-824 MHz
Specification Bandwidth
32 MHz
Typical Insertion Loss
1.5 dB
Max Insertion Loss at Passband Edge
1.5 dB
Typical Selectivity
110 dB @ 766 & 851 MHz
1.5:1 max.
Temperature Range
-30 to +60 °C
Dimensions H x W x D
3.5" x 19" x 7"
(89 x 483 x 178 mm)
19" EIA Rack Mount
Shipping Weight
8 lbs. (3.6 kg)