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84-58-30 Series
Signal Samplers, Category
84-58-30 Series

84-58-30 Series, 350-520 MHz, Signal Samplers
Signal Samplers are non-directional taps for sampling RF signals from a main transmission line, with minimal effect to the power level of the signals on the main line. The sampled port can be connected to a Spectrum Analyzer for analysis and measurement, or connected to a low gain, distribution antenna in Signal Boosters systems to augment communications in buildings and tunnels. We offer a broad range of sampling levels to accommodate a wide variety of applications

  • Signal samplers are used to check system performance while in-use.
  • Extremely low insertion loss with sample values of 20, 30, 40 and 50 dB.

*When ordering; be sure to include the entire model number including the connector designation.

Example: 84-58-30-01, 84-58-30-02, 84-58-30-03

84-58-30-XX Series, Signal Samplers
Connector Designator (XX) -01 -02 -03
N (Female)
N (Female)
N (Female)
N (Female)
N (Female)
BNC (Female)
N (Female)
N (Male)
BNC (Female)
  Sampler Connector Configuration - 01 Sampler Connector Configuration - 02 Sampler Connector Configuration - 03
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Signal Samplers, Category
84-58-30 Series
product specifications:
Item No
84-58-30 Series
Item Name
350-520 MHz, Signal Sampler
Frequency Range
350-520 MHz
Coupling Loss - Thruline-Sampled
-0.1/-30 dB
Power Split Ratio - Thruline-Sampled
0.1/99.9 %
Power Ratings
50 W
Connector Input-Thruline-Sampled
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