RescueLine Signal Boosters
RescueLine Signal Boosters
RescueLine Signal Boosters
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RescueLine Signal Boosters

RescueLine Signal Booster Series - Complies with New International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) Standards. The SBII and the SBIII Series have models that are part of the RescueLine product family.
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  Item No Item Name Filters Frequency Range Filter Bandwidth
  613-8 Series 700/800 MHz, Digital Signal Boosters 1-30 uplink filters per band
1-30 downlink filters per band
700 Band: 764-776, 794-806 MHz
800 Band: 806-824, 851-869 MHz
Programmable standard filters include 12.5 kHz, 12.5 kHz low delay, 25 kHz, 3 MHz, 9 MHz.
Other custom filters can be configured by the user or factory to meet specific system requirements
  61-70-60 Series UHF, RescueLine Signal Booster N/A 61-70-60 Series: 450-470 MHz
61-71-60 Series: 470-490 MHz
61-72-60 Series: 490-512 MHz
  61-89A Series 800 MHz, RescueLine Signal Booster N/A 806-869 MHz N/A