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7002A148, SignalHawk PC Tool Software (for models SH-36S-PC/SH-36S-RM)

SH-36S-RM, SignalHawk™ Rack-Mount, Over an Ethernet network, you can remotely analyze the performance of your system and diagnose problems from any computer on your network, whether in the same room or half way across the state. Transform your laptop into a spectrum analyzer!

The SH-36S-PC, SignalHawk™ is a lightweight, modular spectrum analyzer that communicates via USB with a Windows application, moving the display and user interface to your laptop or PC.

System Requirements:
  • PC with Windows XP SP2, XP Pro, Win7 -36/64 bit
  • 265 MB RAM & Pentium III or Equivalent Processor
    (512 MB RAM & Pentium IV or Higher Recommended)
  • 800 x 600, 256 Color Display
    (1280 x 720, 16 Bit or Higher Recommended)
  • 100 MB Free Disk Space
  • (1) USB 2.0 Port
  • Mouse or Equivalent Input Device
PC Tool Software
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SignalHawk, PC Tool Software (for models SH-36S-PC/SH-36S-RM)
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