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PC Tool Software

7002A840 PC Tool Software is designed to help use the Site Analyzer more effectively. It allows for use of a PC for archiving and analyzing measurement data. For complete instructions refer to the help files included with the software.

  • Power measurement setups can be created, then stored in the Site Analyzer’s nonvolatile memory. These setups store both the offset and the full scale power.
  • Multiple Document Interface - allows any number of trace documents to be open simultaneously.
  • Intelligent drag-and-drop automatically converts traces to a common scale for precise and reliable comparisons.
  • Documents can be viewed in the frequency or distance domains, or as a Smith chart.
  • Data values can be read off the status bar as the mouse is moved along the trace.
  • Compatible with other cable and antenna testers including the Bird AT Series.
  • Automatic cursor calibration maintains accurate readouts of trace data even if the x-axis changes.
  • Supports long file names for easy identification.
  • Windows 95 or higher
  • 6MB Free Hard Drive space
  • Color or Gray Scale VGA or SVGA Monitor
  • Pointing Device

Firmwear Updates and Open Source Components are located on the SA-XT Product page under the "Downloads Section".

PC Tool Software
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SA-XT Series, Site Analyzer PC Tool Software
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