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30kW Terminations
30kW Terminations
30kW Terminations
30kW, Terminations
  • Broadband water-cooled loads for long-term RF dissipation when heat must be efficiently transferred away from the area
  • Small size may be carried easily, used in any position and installed anywhere there is a source of potable water
  • 3-1/8" EIA Flanged and flangeless connectors allow termination of full 20 kW up to 900 MHz Requires flow rate of up to 9 gallons (34.2 liters) per minute
30kW Terminations
30kW Terminations
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Item Name
Power Rating
Frequency Range and VSWR
30 kW, Water-Cooled Terminations
30 kW continuous
1.1 max. 1 kHz - 900 MHz (DC for continuity checks)
Potable Water