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Land Mobile Radio and Public Safety Markets

Bird Technologies has become known as the world's most reliable RF product provider for all markets and segments.

Land Mobile Radio and Public Safety Solutions

Bird Technologies is committed to providing effective, reliable communications for RF applications that serve the Land Mobile RF Transmitter Module and Public Safety markets. With over 30 years of experience in serving critical Public Safety needs, Bird Technologies’ TX RX Systems brand has earned the unrivaled reputation for delivering high quality, reliable systems.

Bird is the supplier of choice to radio system OEMs as well as to private system managers and end users for RF infrastructure equipment that includes Transmitter Combiners, Tower Top Amplifiers, Receiver Multicouplers, Preselectors, Signal Boosters, Antennas, Duplexers, Filters, and a vast range of RF components and communication solutions.

Land Mobile RF Transmitter Module and Public Safety Applications

  • Base Station Installations
  • Antenna Tower Sites
  • In-Building Coverage
  • Mobile Communications