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6160 Series
6160 Series
6160 Series

NFPA Compliant Battery Backup Units

6160 Series, Battery Backup Unita are designed to provide uninterruptible backup voltage for signal boosters. The backup supply is provided by a pair of high capacity lead acid batteries and can maintain full continuous operation of the signal booster for a minimum of either 12 or 24 hours.

The unit has an integrated battery charger and monitor system that maintains peak battery level when the  main power source is present.  The system provides LED status indicators and auxiliary alarm connections for remote monitoring. When used in conjunction with a RescuelineTM signal booster, the battery backup system provides a fully compliant solution to NFPA72, NFPA1221, or IFC.

Model Selection
  • 6160-110-24-NR, Signal Booster Battery Backup Unit, 110 Amp-hour, 24VDC output, NFPA, Red
  • 6160-220-24-NR, Signal Booster Battery Backup Unit, 220 Amp-hour, 24 VDC Output, NFPA, Red
product specifications:
Item No
6160 Series
Item Name
Battery Backup Unit