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Bird Technologies Online Store  provides an easy, convenient method for our customers to purchase Attenuators, Terminations (up to 10 Watts), RF Connectors and Replacement Part Kits.

United States and Canada Only


Bird Attenuators consists of standard and custom components for RF and Microwave Applications. Bird attenuators are manufactured in a wide variety of connector configurations and dB values. 2 - 10 Watt Attenuators are available in the online store.


Our rugged and reliable RF terminations and loads are perfect for your RF Applications. Bird manufactures a broad line of power durable power terminations and loads. Power ranges from 2-10 Watts are available online.

RF Connectors

Many Termaline® load resistors, attenuators and absorption wattmeters, as well as Thruline® wattmeters, employ our patented QC-type "Quick-Change Solderless" RF Connectors. Change in the field by removing and replacing four screws.

Replacement Part Kits

Replacement Parts come with everything you need to keep your Bird products working at peak performance. All Kits include Self-Service Instructions as well as quality parts. Bird is commited to providing our customers OEM parts and services.

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