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Site Optimization Services (SOS)

Communication systems and standards are changing rapidly as new modulation techniques are implemented, digital encoding becomes the norm and analog systems are retired. Additionally, the increased implementation of complex wireless services, such as LTE and APCO Project 25, put an increasing strain on the RF spectrum creating greater potential for voice degradation or communication dropouts caused by interference. Bird's RF interference mitigation service, Site Optimization Services, identify the source of interference and mitigate the impact of that interference on critical communication systems.

Services Include:

  • System Optimization
  • RF Interference Mitigation Identification
  • Extended Noise and Spectrum Monitoring

SOS offers experienced field service engineers to help support on-site needs ranging from providing factory-quality tuning for RF equipment in the field to resolving some of the most challenging RF interference issues in the world. With RF interference mitigation experience and some of the best tools and talent in the RF industry, Bird can get to the root of your problem.